Choose your career

There are so many careers to choose from and even more yet to be created! There are a few things to consider when trying to make choices about what work you might want to pursue.

Consider your interests – what do you enjoy doing and/or learning about?

Identify your strengths – what things are you good at? What talents do people comment you have?

Talk to people who work in the field you’re considering – what do they enjoy about their career? How did they get into the industry? Are there any tough parts to the job and if so how do they manage those?

Look for work experience or volunteer opportunities – these activities help you investigate your career ideas to work out whether they fit for you.

Make an appointment to see your TAFE counsellor to help you explore your career options!

A variety of people wearing the standard clothing for various careers. Careers displayed include nurse, personal trainer, chef, butcher, painter, call center worker, builder.

Things to do

Take the Career Quiz

The Career Quiz, at the Australian Government Job Outlook website or via the Career Quiz Australia app (below), is designed to help you identify what career might be right for you, taking into account your interests and preferences.

There are 15 multiple choice question – just choose the answer that you like the most. When you are finished, click on “See Result” to see what careers are recommended for you.

Use the results to then explore the Courses and Career Browser from TAFE Illawarra to help you select the right course.

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