Eat and exercise for energy

Eating well and including some exercise in your routine will help your ability to learn and study.

Like any high-performance machine, the brain needs top quality fuel. Your brain needs a well-balanced, low cholesterol, low saturated (animal-fat) diet. Protein and unsaturated fat is especially important for developing brains. Fish, a rich source of both, is sometimes called brain food.

Your brain needs vitamins and minerals; they come from your diet. Research suggests anti-oxidant vitamins E and C protect the brain.

Timing is significant in nutrition. Studies have demonstrated the importance of a good breakfast. When your concentration wanes in the late morning or afternoon, eating a healthy snack containing sugar, such as fruit, can solve the problem.

Enjoy caffeine and alcohol in moderation.

We all know exercise is good for us and most of us should be doing more but did you know it’s also really good for your brain and increases your capacity to learn? Exercise also brightens your mood, gives you energy and helps you sleep.

Healthy fruits and vegetables laid out on a wooden table with a glass of water and a pair of blue running shoes.