Focus your mind and think clearly

Mindfulness is a strategy to keep your attention in the present moment. The goal is:

“simply to observe – with no intention of changing or improving anything”

Mindfulness enables you to focus on what’s happening right now and choose to do what’s most important to you. It is an attitude about life as well as a relaxation technique.

Accepting life just as it is right now, with all the positives and negatives, often leads to increased confidence, calmer moods, and enhanced coping skills. Mindfulness is awareness of the moment – that is something that can be used at any time and place such as working, studying, talking, playing or eating.

Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis may not be as easy as it sounds. Do you find yourself busy with planning, reviewing, or talking to the exclusion and lack of awareness of the moment? In order to nourish and train your mindfulness skills and abilities, it is important to know what to do.

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